Tyler Brunsell, Para-Professional

Tyler graduated from Clark Street Community School and is the first alum to join our full-time staff. Tyler is active in the Madison Hip Hop community. 


Sarah Estrella, Social Worker 

Sarah Estrella is a school social worker at Clark Street Community School.  She has her MSW from UW-Madison, and her BS in social work and Spanish, also from UW-Madison.  Previous to coming to Clark Street, she worked for 14 years in MMSD as a school social worker.  She lives in Madison with her spouse and three children, who keep her busy! At Clark Street, she enjoys building relationships with students and families and supporting students' social/emotional well being. 

Brian Ethridge, Para-professional

Brian works in the blended education room supporting students who have a hybrid of online and in person learning. 


Rick Evans, Educator

Rick is a social studies educator and advisor at Clark Street. He has been with CSCS since its inception. Before teaching at Clark Street, he was a staff member of MASH. Prior to coming to Middleton, he worked as a Human Service Specialist for Telurian and taught for 10 years at Parkway Psychiatric Hosptial and on Meriter’s Child/Adolescent Psychiatric Units. He is married to a wonderful woman named Marsha, and between the two of them, they have four wonderful adult children.


Kim Gauen, Counselor

Kim is a School Counselor for Clark Street as well as the 21st Century eSchool. Her main focus at Clark Street is supporting students on post-secondary planning. She has a B.A in Political Science from Colorado State University and a Masters in Education- School Counseling (PreK-12) from Concordia University Wisconsin. She has been working for MCPASD in a variety of roles since 2010, including working for the 21st Century eSchool out of her office in Clark Street since 2011 (when it was still MASH). After receiving her Masters in Counseling in 2014, Kim became a counselor for the 21st Century eSchool and will be taking a more official role in supporting CSCS students in their post-secondary planning this year.


Sheila Gould-Miller, Administrative Assistant

Sheila is in her sixth year as the Clark Street Administrative Assistant. Sheila is the parent of a CSCS graduate and many times “parents” the other CSCS students also.  Sheila is an active member of the CSCS Governance Board Outreach Committee.  


Tia Gueu, Para-Professional

This is Tia's second year at Clark Street as a para-educator. Prior to her time here, she lived abroad and taught English as a Second Language. 

Monica Gupta, Para-Professional               

Monica joins Clark Street after working in the 21st Century eSchool for the past few years. She brings her extensive math experience to the classroom and serves as an advisor to students. 


Jill Gurtner, Principal

Jill is the principal of Clark Street and the 21st Century e-School. She has worked with and for Clark Street since it was an idea. She has been with the district as a high school administrator for over 20 years. She has served as an Associate Principal at MHS and the Principal at MASH. Prior to being an administrator, she taught high school science at Menominee Falls and Kawaskum. She loves spending time with her family (Tim, Jacey, and Zoe) and exercising with friends.


Marsha Kinzer, Para-Professional

Marsha left the world of professional cooking to begin her career in education.  She worked part-time for nearly twenty years, during which time she especially enjoyed teaching musical theater at the middle school level.  In 2014 she joined the faculty of Clark Street as a full-time Special Education Support Professional.  In 2016 she also became a Student Advisor.


Ketrick Lehmann, Special Education Teacher

Ketrick is a special educator at CSCS.  He has degree from UW-Milwaukee in psychology, a Broadfield Social Studies certification from Marquette, an  Alternative Education certification from UW-Whitewater and soon a master's degree in Special Education from Viterbo University.   He began his teaching career in Milwaukee Public Schools as a teacher at Milwaukee School of Languages where he taught Biology, Earth Science, American History and Geometry.  In 2004, Ketrick followed his heart back to his hometown of Madison. 


Mary Lorenz, Educator

This is Mary's first year as an educator at Clark Street. Mary has a Masters in Atmospheric Science and is certified in Math and Physics. She started her teaching career teaching Meteorology 101 at Bellevue College in Washington in January of 1998 and then went on to teach high school math and science at Dartmoor School and Holy Names Academy in the Seattle area until July 2004 when she moved to Madison. In Madison, she taught math at Edgewood High School for four years and then was a private tutor for the last 10 years. Mary is very excited to be teaching at Clark Street this year.

Mary Lee.jpg

Mary Lee McKenzie, Educator

Mary Lee is an educator and governance board member at Clark Street. She is certified in Special Education, Math, and Theatre Arts. She has been with Clark Street since the planning stages. She student taught at MASH for a semester and then did some substitute teaching in the district.  She then was hired at the high school as a special education/math teacher and co-taught math courses for 2 years there before joining CSCS.


Heather Messer, Educator

Heather is a science educator and advisor at Clark Street. She has been with the school since the planning and implementation stages. She was a science educator and advisor at MASH for 11 years. Prior to that, she was a high school science educator in Burlington, Iowa for 5 years. She is certified to teach biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, Earth science, physical and general science. She is also National Board Certified. She is passionate about the environment, personalized learning and understanding the teenage brain.


Nikki Meyer, Special Education Teacher

Nikki Meyer is a special education teacher for Clark Street Community School. She has been with the district for 6 years, CSCS for 4 years.  Originally from Illinois, she graduated from UW-Madison in 2012 with her BS in Secondary Education – English. Before coming to CSCS, she was a substitute teacher for MCPASD and Verona, as well as a summer school English and cooking teacher.  She recently completed her special education certification through Viterbo University in 2017.  


Corinne Neil, Educator

Corinne is an educator and advisor at Clark Street Community School. This is her fourth year as an instructor at CSCS, but Corinne's career in education started in 1996 when she taught at an international school in the Middle East. Since then, Corinne has worked in Europe, Canada (her native land), and the US. She has been in and out of classroom throughout her career having worked in schools and with educational publishers. Corinne is also a trained massage therapist and Pilates instructor, yoga enthusiast, and co-founder of THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES, an online directory of professional women consultants who provide services to businesses. 


Beth Ott, Special Education Teacher

Beth is an educator and special education case manager at Clark Street. She has a Masters in Education from Augsburg College, and a BA in Speech and Hearing Science from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  This is her 4th year with CSCS, and 10th year teaching overall. When she isn't teaching, Beth enjoys deepening her yoga practice, as well as refinishing furniture.


Robyn Roberts, Educator

Robyn Roberts is an educator and advisor at Clark Street. She has been with the school since the beginning. She has been a teacher for 10+ years. Previously, she taught at MASH as an art and Life Skills teacher. She graduated from UW-Madison with a degree in Art Education.


Vicki Shaffer, Educator

Vicki Shaffer is an educator at Clark Street and has been with the school since its beginnings. Prior to teaching at Clark Street, she taught language arts at Middleton High School and MASH.

Jim M.jpg

Tyler Stone, Para-educator

Tyler joined Clark Street as a para-educator. He brings a wealth of knowledge in history, theatre, math and tech to the classroom. 

Jada Thompson, Para-Professional               

Jada joins Clark Street from working as a para-professional in the district's summer school and West Middleton's after school programs. Jada graduated from Middleton High School. She helps to run the social justice club at Clark Street. 


Mark Voss, Educator

Mark has been teaching in the Middleton Cross Plains Area School District since 1999. Prior to that, Mark lived and taught in Togo, West Africa and Shikoku, Japan. Mark has taught in the Destination Program and French at Middleton High School and French at Kromrey Middle School. Mark is certified in Economics and French and is passionate about sustainable living, food, gardening, and outdoor learning. Mark also owns and operates an urban farm and supplies seedlings and produce to local stores and restaurants.