Governance Board

Unlike traditional public schools, charter schools are governed by a not-for-profit board of directors, with legal responsibility to ensure that the school operations efficiently, effectively and in accordance with the school's charter, mission, vision and contracted performance goals. Like most nonprofits, charter schools need a board of directors to help them become fiscally sound, thriving and continually improving school that will be around for the long term. Community members and MCPASD staff  did so in January of 2012. 



Dan Grupe - President
Amy Jester - Vice President
Kathy Nieber Lathrop - Treasurer
Bryn Orum - Secretary
Jon Anderson - Community Advisor
Tia Eady - Community Advisor
Mark Dziedek - Community Advisor
Nikki Meyer - Staff Representative
Ian Ruchti - Student Representaive
Matthew Thompson - Alumni Representative