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Meaningful Meandering

Having space to meander, to stroll along and explore, to enjoy your own thoughts, to capture your noticings, to dream, to reflect, to process, to validate, is rare and often undervalued.

Too often we reward activity and production over reflection. We want the answer, but fail to see that the deep thinking comes instead with the questions. We live in a place where down time is wasted time, yoga is scheduled, and free play is second to practice, classes, and playdates. Doodling isn’t art. Quiet contemplation; silly daydreaming.

But at Clark Street, we’re pretty sure it is in the space to meander and play where the good work comes from.

So we’re committed to giving students that space;

we journal,

and doodle,

and take time to be quiet.

We know when we honor the space where creativity stems; we are more creative.

Because sometimes, in those journals and doodles and quiet, we learn. A lot.

So here’s to a student like Megan, who in her personal pursuit of becoming a better public speaker kept a journal, where she learned and taught us that sometimes it’s the journal itself that is the project.

That the meandering is meaningful.


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