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Interdisciplinary Seminars: A Look At What We're Up To This Term

Term 3 has students at Clark Street Community School students exploring government, literature, social justice, yoga, mindfulness, physics, video production, documentaries, dance, and painting.

What an incredible start to Semester Two!

Here's a glimpse of some of what we're up to this Term:


This seminar is co-taught by CSCS Math Lead Mary Lee McKenzie and one of our CSCS students, Sabina Mapp, and reflects the beauty in the overlap of art and science. Students will be exploring connections between algebraic functions and dance while creating math models and choreographing their own dances, all while developing skills in health and fitness!

TO CAGE AND TO KILL: Tales of Race and Class in 1930's America

Focusing on two works of literature, To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, by Maya Angelou, Vicki Shaffer, CSCS instructor and lover of all things English related, will use small group discussion and evidence-based Socratic Seminar methodology to delve deep into literary analysis of both works, while also exploring the history and social climate of the times.


Heather Messer, keeper of the beakers and Science instructor extraordinaire, invites students to wonder, ask questions, and seek to understand the principals of physics in order to learn more about how forces and energy work together to create the technologies that we use to personalize our world every day. From solar panels and windmills to long boards and surf boards, students will create personalized projects to learn the basics of physics.


The lovely and creative, Robyn Roberts, returns from her maternity leave to take students on a journey to develop specific painting techniques and expand their visual literacy abilities. Students will be creating their own works of art to be displayed while also studying art in the community through site visits, experiences, reading, reflection and discussion.

With the Consent of the Governed:

Rick Evans takes the lead in this seminar, sharing his passion, knowledge and love for civic engagement and democracy, as he guides students to question, explore, and understand systems of government while they probe at threats to the health and well-being of our democracy. In these nine weeks students will have a solid understanding of how our political processes work and why our participation in these processes is essential.

And that's not all!

Jason continues to work in StartUP guiding our student-led businesses to fruition, while he also develops social entrepreneurs in his Leadership Seminar. Jim Matthews teaches the approaches and techniques to documentary creation. Bryn and Beth are leading the YOGA seminar while Nikki and Bryn take on the Rethinking Gender seminar through an exploration of literature, film, guest speakers, and informational texts. Mental Wellness and Healthier Romantic Relationships round out our term as Vicki and Rick help our community to better understand our biology and our behaviors.


Imagine where we'll be in nine weeks.


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