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You're Going to Wish Your High School Was Like This: A Glimpse of Term 4 Interdisciplinary Semin

Term 4 starts next week at Clark Street Community School and we're wrapping up the last nine weeks of the 2016-17 school year by exploring happiness, chivalry, and the biology of butterfly gardens, while we become power-brokers, get a handle on money, prepare for a Zombie Apocalyse, and Rise Up as we jump into Hamilton... yes, that Hamilton, of Lin-Manual Miranda fame!

Here's the scoop on some of what's happening in our interdisciplinary seminars in Term 4.

THE HAPPINESS SEMINAR In this seminar students will engage in research, reading, writing, self-assessment and analysis with current scientific research about how to be happier. Students will experiment with these ideas by test-driving practices that research says makes us happier. From exercise to meditation to getting organized, we will see how changes to our lives can make us happier. In addition to individual exploration, we will take a global perspective and learn about the happiest places in the world and what creates the conditions for happy communities.

STUDIES IN CHIVALRY Co-taught by Rick Evan and CSCS Senior student Julian Tian, students will explore Medieval History, an age where Kings ruled the land and Knights won wars and love, while they understand the political and social structures of the era and look at some of the conflicts that arose as various monarchs, chieftains, and sultans fought wars to expand their kingdoms in the name of “divine right”.

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY Quickly becoming a Clark Street Classic, Vicki Shaffer invites students to come and learn about personal finance concepts, including budgeting, investments, insurance, goal setting, the power of compound interest, using credit wisely and the importance of saving. And most importantly, Vicki makes sure that students examine the human relationship with money so students can learn how attitudes and values affect your financial habits.

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Sorry folks, zombies don’t actually exist anywhere except in Hollywood, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to pretend they are real! In this seminar, Heather Messer and Mary Lee McKenzie guide students as they consider the true meaning of life, learn how diseases can spread causing epidemics, and how life and the environment interact with each other. Students will be looking at the math, science, and history surrounding a Zombie Apocalypse, as they are encouraged to figure out exactly what's needed in a zombie tool kit. They'll be competing to see who can create the biggest, fastest, most infectious outbreak to take over the world!

RISE UP! History as Hip Hop Join us as we use the life story of Alexander Hamilton to explore both early American government and the rise of hip-hop. Nikki and Rick will be using the Broadway musical Hamilton, primary documents, videos, and other materials to introduce us to the creators of our country’s government, the Revolutionary War, lyrical writing, and social change implemented by the people, for the people.

But it doesn't end here folks. As the Wisconsin environment shifts from winter to spring, Jason will have students outside running, playing, and jumping for joy in the delights of spring, as Robyn and Jim guide students to be naturalist - exploring, creating, listening and learning about the natural world around them while shaping experiences to express their learning through the creative and digital arts in the iNaturalist seminar.

And communications tops the list in Term 4 as Beth is taking on a seminar dedicated to social media marketing and Vicki sharpens our communications skills as she hones in on how to tailor your message for impact and empowerment.

And let's not forget we're making butterfly gardens in partnership with a local elementary school.

Pretty cool wrap up to end the school year, huh. Bet you wish your high school was like this.