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Looking For a School Your Kid Will Love: Take a Glimpse at What We're Up to in Term 4

As we shake off the winter doldrums, wrap up our learning on Vietnam, offer final handshakes to our local interviewees, pack care kits for homeless vets, and bow our heads in one more namaste, Clark Street students will dive into a selection of amazing seminar options for their final 9 weeks of the 17-18 academic school year.

And yes, we switch classes every 9 weeks. It keeps us fresh, it keeps us engaged, and it keeps our momentum and our learning deep and significant right up to our Presentations of Learning in June. (Yep... no exams for us. Instead we prepare, write, practice, practice, and practice formal presentations to share all that we learned over the semester.)

Here's a glimpse at what's coming up for us in Term 4:

THE BROKEN SPOKE: Imagine this--sun on your face, birds singing in the trees, sweat dripping from the great ride, and POP! Your spoke is broken. Where do you go, what do you do???? Well, CSCS students are building the solution and training mechanics! We'll be fixing bikes, exploring bike physics, and riding, riding, riding. It's a cool combo of PE, Physics, and Entrepreneurship!

RADIOACTIVE CHEMISTRY: Radium, Polonium, Uranium, Oh My! In this seminar, students will read the graphic novel Radioactive, chronicling the life, love, and scientific discoveries of Marie Curie while they uncover how the chemistry of radioactivity relates to popular culture, espionage, and even chemical warfare. Students will be taking part in lively discussions, critical reading, and active lab work in small groups. The term will wrap up with individual projects centered around an argument writing piece informed by the ideas generated during the rest of the seminar.

SIDE HUSTLE: Within the next decade, many are predicting that the

majority of the US workforce will work freelance and will earn their income working on a project by project basis, not as employees but as contract workers. In this class students will explore the future of work in a freelance economy, and tackle the tactics of running their own micro-businesses by developing ‘side hustles’. Students will learn how to shape and brand their side hustles, market themselves, respond to project proposals, create a scope of work, track and manage time, invoice, and track basic business finances for authentic project demands in our local community!

iNATURALIST: As we move from winter to spring in Wisconsin we will explore the natural environment through art, writing, and social studies lenses. Project work will include mapping, creative writing, photography, watercolor painting, sound collecting and storytelling. Students will develop work around local natural areas and/or local ecological issues. Students will be spending time in the outdoors in Wisconsin spring weather, which could mean rain, wind, sun, and even snow! We're ready for it, and we're excited about it!

ROCKET SCIENCE: 3...2...1… Blast off! From Elon Musk to Katherine Johnson to the Ancient Chinese, the human race has been fascinated with launching objects into the air. In this seminar, our students will be working with a TEAM of peers to design, launch, study, and analyze an actual rocket. Students will be engaging in the engineering process to understand and test how a rocket moves, how we can model it with mathematics, and eventually, how we can document and share our results.

And there's still more! We'll be camping, making DIY Cigar Box Guitars, exploring the human struggles found in teen literature, studying and producing our own documentaries, maintaining our garden, and becoming better writers in our Writer's Workshop!

Whoa. We're going to have another amazing wrap up to the school year.

Tell all your friends. There's really cool things happening at Clark Street Community School.


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